Water-cooled Screw Chiller
Water-cooled Screw Chiller
Water-cooled Screw Chiller

water-cooledThe group is mainly composed of semi-closed screw compressors, shell-and-tube condensers, drying filters, thermal expansion valves, shell-and-tube evaporators, and electrical control parts. Water-cooled screw chiller is also a kind of chillers, because of its main components of the use of screw compressors, so the name can be named water-cooled screw chillers. Its chilled effluent temperature range is 3℃~20℃, can be widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, food processing and other industrial refrigeration process to use the field of frozen water, or large shopping malls, hotels, factories, hospitals and other central air-conditioning projects need to use frozen water to focus on the field of cooling.
(1) Unit compressor selection of brand-name semi-closed screw compressors and electronic control components, equipped with heat exchanger high quality copper tube produced by the condenser and evaporator;
(2) equipped with various types of safety protection devices, stable performance, low noise, long service life, simple operation, the use of liquid crystal display Man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation, operating conditions at a glance;
(3) The model has the use of single compressor or multiple compressors combined refrigeration system. The compressor can be changed according to the load, automatic alternating operation, balance the operating hours of each compressor to achieve energy saving and prolong the use of water chiller effect. It is convenient for energy regulation and more energy-saving in partial load;
HOT88热竞技(4) Open structure, the overall appearance of the whole machine, simple structure, can check the operation of the unit at any time, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient;

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