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Our chiller assists ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems

Our chiller assists ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems. This batch of chillers is used in automotive manufacturing systems to provide cooling water. The temperature difference is 5 °C and the pressure difference is ±6 °C.

ThyssenKrupp is a diversified industrial group from Germany. Approximately 155,000 employees in nearly 80 countries and territories around the world focus on providing high quality products, intelligent industrial processes and services for global sustainability. The work skills and professionalism of the employees are the cornerstone of the Group's success. The Group's sales for the 2016/2017 fiscal year reached 43 billion euros.

ThyssenKrupp works with customers to develop comprehensive solutions in the areas of “materials”, “mechanics” and “engineering” to meet future challenges. We help our clients gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace and jointly create innovative products in an energy efficient manner.

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